What if you can’t go Outside – Go Inside. Coronavirus has already taken over the entire countries under its threat.

No immediate remedy to date is available, coronavirus, as names suggest, is a virus that affects the vital part of your body.

So if you can’t go outside then go inside.

Welcome to Second Life Resort – A Home away from Home

Yoga and Meditation could be a foremost thing which can increase your immunity and help you to fight Corona.

Second Life Resort has Individual 18 Cottages where you can plan to have a safe and secure stay during this alarming situation.

We organise Yoga and Mediation camps to rejuvenate, boost the immune system

Meditation will help you to burst stress and anxiety.

Our Cottage with the attached washroom has comfortable spring mattress.

Fresh bed linen and toiletries will take care of your hygiene.

Daily locally procured vegetable and dairy products will keep a tab on your nutrition part.

Sunlit Rishikesh will fulfill your daily dose of Vit-D. Nature the best remedy for all

What if you can’t go Outside – Go Inside

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