Coronavirus – Work From Home advisory has been issued by various government and private agencies.

The outbreak of coronavirus is taking a big toll on each and every sector. Worst hit China has somehow managed to control it to some extent, but rest of the world is still under deep threat.

Italy, Iran is the worst-hit country among several others, including India.

Several Indian and International companies have advised their staff to work from home and stay away from the office. They have also cautioned their staff to stay from public places.


Will staying at home protect you from Coronavirus?

Maybe Yes or maybe No. We are so dependent on each other for our daily needs. The big question is that for how long can we actually keep ourselves locked in the concrete jungle?

How much quantity of food, medical and other necessary items can we actually store for any emergency outbreak?

We live in big cities and the urban areas which are already overpopulated, polluted and traffic, then where we should go.

Staying at home is not only the option if we see these dynamics rather we should plan to keep ourselves away from this chaos.

A Home Away from Home

We are well-connected but at the same time, we are at a safe distance, avoiding human contact.

We have 18 separate Cottages, situated on the riverfront, on the road-side but away from the road. so the chance of outer contact is minimised.

Sunlit Rishikesh will give enough warmth to suffice your daily dose of Vitamin D.

Our local availability of home-grown vegetables and dairy products, by local villagers, is the key factor to be considered when we think of temporary disconnection with the primary world. Also to an extent, the local availability of daily supplies is from local resources, so chances of virus transmission are minimal.

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