Tips for rafting in india - second life resort
Rafting in India – Second Life Resort

Before we Hit the Paddle

Rafting in India – Tips are very important to follow before we hit the river, adventure and fun always required alert mind and sound preparation.

CHAPTER 1. Guide for New Rafters

Before you first hit the river, you are sure to have a few doubts, and understandably so. Tips for good rafting in India. Here are several things to look out for that will help you have a healthy and pleasant rafting trip. What to look out for before rafting India has a range of experienced rafting outfits of international standard with qualified and safety -conscious guides who can introduce an enthusiast to the joys of the river.

And how is it that you pick the right one? Ask the rafting tour operator a  few questions before booking your trip:

CHAPTER 2. Selection of Raft operator.

How long has there been a rafting service at the company?

Converse with people who have recently been rafting with the service.

Ask your guides about their encounters.If you should speak to the guides themselves, you will find out if they are well-trained, well-informed, willing to interact well and if they are experts who are mindful of health.

Life jackets: According to studies, most of the river rafting injuries arise either as they do not wear life jackets, or if they do not secure life jackets correctly (zipper designed with buckles tightly fastened) or if they do not wear appropriate life jackets.

Safety Tips to check before doing rafting.

CHAPTER 3. Safety First

Helmets on all rapids are compulsory and it is advised that helmets are kept on during the ride. The helmet should be fitted correctly- it must feel comfortable as you slip a finger between the harness and the head.

Take a closer look at the rafts and river tools if necessary.

Worn life jackets, braked helmets and heavily battered and poorly maintained rafts really wouldn’t encourage conviction.

Check the guides are eligible for  first-aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)?

CHAPTER 4. Safety Gears

Ask if the agency maintains the river first-aid, emergency-repair device and if all the rafts have rescue bags positioned. All rafting activities must be fitted with a well-made repair set that includes repair equipment, sealant , sandpaper and waterproof patch.

Paddle rafts have to hold at least one oar or extra Paddle. Every raft must have a protection line all over the raft, as well as a bow-line and ideally a stern-line. rafts must have a Protection bag.

Government norms you must know

CHAPTER 5. Norms

Many of the biggest maritime disasters occurred when there was only one raft in the water.

According to the guidelines of the Indian Association of Professional Rafting Outfitters, if you’re on a category III segment of the river (difficult with wide waves involving boulders / challenges to navigate the raft. make sure the agency you’re heading with has at least two extra raft, i.e. raft and a safety kayak or extra raft as the case may be.

“Do not think because an accident hasn’t happened to you that it can’t happen.” – Safety saying, early 1900’s

Briefing before you raft

CHAPTER 6. Briefing before you start

Insist on a briefing on protection before you continue the rafting journey.

A detailed safety briefing will be provided by the guide or an excursion leader explaining all detailed information for that particular voyage.

“The more you sweat here, the less you bleed in the war”Army

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