Camping in Uttrakhand

The word camping, itself is self-explanatory, staying in camps or makeshift tents.

Uttrakhand’s holy City Rishikesh first started the concept of camping way back to promote tourism and awareness among travelers and nature lovers.

Gradually it become the main revenue generator for local villages.

By the time camping in Rishikesh became popular adventure activities started to attract more travelers.

Lake camping become more popular than hotels, resorts. The only reason was budget and new experience for them.

Summer camps became more popular among corporates, schools, and college students.

Various business conferences are organised every other weekend in these campgrounds.

They are now also called adventure camps as they promote adventure sports also such as world-famous rafting, bungee jumping, giant swing, paragliding, trekking, paragliding, skiing, hiking, biking, MTB.

Uttrakhand government also promotes these adventure activities in Rishikesh.

The campsite is also known as outbound adventure in Rishikesh as it involves team-building activities and social awareness.

Second Life Resort a part of Uttrakhand Adventure Association member also promotes these activities. We have camps and cottages cater to all walks of travel enthusiasts.

We offer Rafting, Trekking, Bungee Jumping, Giant Swing, Flying Fox, Paintball, social group activities, team-building exercises.

Adventure Camping means – A stay in camps with basic amenities and does not long for luxuries, surrender yourself to nature and let your body and soul get drenched with a serene view.

Test your limit by trying various available adventure activities, plant a sapling, go for a safari, treks, socialise with locals learn their culture, heritage, enjoy folk dance and music.


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